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history angela

history angela - Hi All I am Angela Feres your history...

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Hi All, I am Angela Feres, your history instructor this semester. Welcome to History 100: Early World History Online. It is great to have such a full class. I am sure we will have a great semester. I always enjoy my online classes. We get many opportunities to discuss interesting aspects of history. This course is 16 + weeks in length plus our lovely Finals Week. The structure of this online course is designed to allow students to access information from any location, adapting the class to their particular schedule. We never meet on campus because we have students in the class from many diverse geographic locations or who work full time. I want to accommodate everyone and working 100% online does that best. I am available to you via email ([email protected]), my office hours (MW from 12-4:30 and by appointment), or via the phone (644-7473). I am happy to answer questions. I may not have answers for the technical aspects of Blackboard, but I have people I can send you to who can help. Remember, there are no “stupid” questions. Every question, about anything, has merit and I love answering. Don’t hesitate to contact me. I strive to be very prompt at answering emails. While we do not officially begin until Monday the 25th, the course is now open on Blackboard and you can feel free to get started. You may access the course via the Grossmont College link http://bb.gcccd.edu/ Use your Web Advisor log in as the user ID and your 6 digit birth date as the password. a If you are unfamiliar
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with Blackboard and/or online classes, I strongly suggest that you do the Blackboard orientations and tutorials before the class begins. They are located at: http://www.gcccd.net/online/ h Our work load this week is light. Thank goodness. We need to ease out of the winter break and into the semester. Plus, I want you all to have some time to get familiar with Blackboard, find where everything is located, buy the books, and to do a few simple things. l First, find my welcome welcome announcement on Blackboard, which repeats this information. I want you to know where it is because I post new announcements weekly and I want you to read them; I use them to summarize current assignments, announce new material, and offer helpful suggestions (and announce special extra credit opportunities J ) Then, find and read the syllabus located in the section named “Syllabus.” Be sure to review it carefully. The books we will be using, our assignments, and due dates are all listed. We have two
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history angela - Hi All I am Angela Feres your history...

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