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The Internalized Pre - this “first and last paragraphs”...

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The Internalized Pre-Reading Strategies of Proficient Readers What Proficient Readers do Automatically: Surveying/Skimming/Previewing Set a purpose for reading Look for head-notes, footnotes, biographical information about the author, other explanatory material Survey the organization of the text; look for text divisions, section headings, and subtitles Skim visuals, note relationship between visuals and specific text segments Identify author, publication type, date Identify target audience Read first and last paragraphs to possibly identify the author’s topic and conclusion/central claim, and while reading, mark repeated terms and synonyms that point central claim (Please note
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Unformatted text preview: : this “first and last paragraphs” reading works for many, but not all texts because topic and central claim are not always specifically stated or placed in these locations) Note signal words such as therefore, so, thus, but, however, for example, first, second, etc. Identify the author’s perspective (negative/positive) on the topic using information gathered so far through prereading/skimming h Adapted from Dr. Kate Kinsella, SF State. Qtd in Social Studies Reading Strategies . Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Globe Fearon 2001. T7; and from Teaching and Researching Reading. Longman: Harlow, England 16....
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