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Group Assignment: Locate Rhetorical Strategies in Krakauer___________________ Your second paper assignment asks you to identify “[rhetorical] strategies that writers like these [Krakauer and Loffreda] use to make it possible to connect not only to new information, but to people whose perspectives and sense of identity may differ significantly from our own.” The following paragraph is an example of what that kind of work looks like: Krakauer interviews people who McCandless encountered as he hitchhiked his way to Alaska so that we, the reader, can get a more human perspective on just what kind of person McCandless was. McCandless was taken most of the way by an RV delivery driver form Indiana named Gaylord Stuckey, who Krakauer describes as “bald and cheerful, a ham-faced sixty-three-year-old Hoosier” (287). Despite the fact that it went against his company’s policy, Stuckey offered McCandless a ride. Later, he tells Krakauer, “Alex [McCandless
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Unformatted text preview: was using his pseudonym] was clean-shaven and had short hair, and I could tell by the language he used that he was a real sharp fella. He wasnt what youd call a typical hitchhiker. Im usually leery of em (287). We are given the impression that Stuckey would not be taken in by someone who is disingenuous. Krakauer could have described McCandless character himself, but the fact that McCandless could so easily earn the trust of someone like Stuckey tells us so much more about the real person. Working as a group, compose a similar paragraph of your own. Locate places in Krakauers text where you see the author making a deliberate choice either in how he tells this story or in the language he uses that has an effect on usgets our attention, interest, agreement, etc. Like the paragraph above, begin by identifying the strategy and then provide textual support for what youre trying to identify....
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