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Rogerian Argument - the readers’ perspective or position...

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Rogerian Argument Based on Carl Rogers’ work in psychology, the Rogerian argument seeks to find common ground between both writer and reader. The language of Rogerian argument should remain relatively neutral so the reader does not feel as though she is being attacked for holding an opposing view. Outline: 1. Point out the problem/issue being dealt with. 2. How are both writer and reader affected by the problem/issue? a. Remain neutral. b. How the writer and reader are affected is not necessarily based on opinion, but rather fact…i.e. how are we all affected by global warming? 3. Describe the reader’s perceived point of view on the problem/issue. a. Be as fair and accurate as possible. b. This section will establish your credibility as a writer on the problem/issue. 4. Acknowledge the circumstances and context in which
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Unformatted text preview: the readers’ perspective or position is valid. a. This allows the writer to gain the respect of her reader by demonstrating how she can be fair and realistic. b. So, be sincere. 5. The writer presents her position on the problem/issue. a. This should also be done accurately and fairly. b. Now, the writer demonstrates how the circumstances and context surrounding her point of view is valid. 6. Present evidence to back up the claims/argument. a. Be sure to produce accurate and concise summaries of evidence. b. Be fair and maintain a relatively neutral tone so as not to become too emotional. 7. Conclusion a. The idea is not to force the reader into agreement with the writer, but to illustrate for the reader how she would benefit from moving to the writer’s position....
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