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Research Paper Requirements: 10-12 pages Works Cited page Accurate MLA documentation Must reference at least: 4 Articles from scholarly journals, and 2 books, and 1 newspaper article in your paper. Your Research Paper: Choose a controversial topic/issue ( Avoid: pro-life/choice, euthanasia, immigration, global warming, alternative medicine and all others we discussed in class on Thursday 10/1) , Decide what position you take on the topic, What are people saying about your topic? What are some of the opposing viewpoints to your topic? Why is this topic worth researching?
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Unformatted text preview: Order of items to be handed in: 1. topic choice 2. article, book and newspaper summaries 3. brainstorm/clustering/mapping charts 4. outline for your paper 5. thesis statement 6. introductory paragraph Helpful Hints: photocopy the title page and the copyright page of the books you decide to use. keep notecards documenting bibliographic information for each possible Works Cited entry document the access dates for internet sites consider how you want to introduce your topic: anecdote, quote, example, etc…...
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