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Essay #2: Explaining Rhetorical Strategies Krakauer and Loffreda research and write about the lives of individuals who see and experience the world differently from the way many people do and who may even be said to confront a different reality. To describe and explain the way issues of identity are experienced by their research subjects, Krakauer and Loffreda employ various rhetorical strategies. Identify some of the rhetorical strategies that Krakauer and Loffreda use to present their representations of lives that may seem different in the eyes of many of their intended readers. Propose an explanation of some strategies that writers like these use to make it possible for us to connect not only to new information, but to people whose perspectives and sense of identity differ significantly from our own. Be sure to comment on the significance of these authors’ work for writers and/or for people interested in
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Unformatted text preview: understanding identity. Criteria for Evaluation Successful papers will: • Signal the topic, the scope of the project, and give some indication of how the paper will proceed; • Introduce each author, their text, and describe each author’s respective project, explaining the particular cultural issues of difference, duality, or otherness each author’s text responds to; • Give readers unfamiliar with these texts a thumbnail sketch of the arguments made by Krakauer and Loffreda; • Use relevant evidence from each text to propose and support an explanation of the rhetorical strategies through which each author makes it possible for us to engage with information about difference, identity, and to connect to people whose lives may be different from one idea to the next; • Be thoroughly edited so that sentences are readable and appropriate for an academic audience. • Be 5-7 pages....
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