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Essay 1: Argument Analysis Beth Loffreda Due: 9/24/09 In “Selections from Losing Matt Shepard,” Beth Loffreda examines the significance of Matt Shepard’s murder and why it captured the nation’s attention. As she investigates the nature of the media coverage and the various responses of individuals and groups, she uncovers a wide array of prejudices, not only about gays, but about Wyoming, the West, and Native Americans, thus revealing a multifaceted problem. For this project, construct an account of Loffreda’s argument. In your paper, make clear how, in Loffreda’s view, the media frenzy, the community’s response, and the undercurrent of prejudices in Laramie create a multifaceted problem. Discuss how Loffreda organizes the piece and how the structure influences what she has to say.
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Unformatted text preview: Finally, how is what she has to say significant for people interested in identity? Criteria for Evaluation Successful papers will: 1. Describe for a reader unfamiliar with this text Loffreda’s project and argument and what you take to be her central claims; 2. Describe how Loffreda organizes her text and how the organization influences what she has to say; 3. Show the various aspects of the problem Loffreda presents; 4. Comment on why this article is significant; 5. Use an effective structure (thesis statement , topic and transition sentences) that carefully guides the reader from one idea to the next (be sure to underline your thesis statement); 6. Be thoroughly edited so that sentences are readable and appropriate for an academic audience. 7. Be 4-5 pages...
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