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GIS report - 2 What GIS software and other...

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Intro to GIS Software Name: ______________________________ GIS Applications - Report #1 In this short report you will investigate the application of GIS to a real world problem. Look through the magazines I will provide to find an article on a GIS application that interests you. Read the article and answer the following questions about the use of GIS described in the article. Name of publication:__________________________________________________________________ Edition (Volume, Number, Date) _________________________________________ Page(s): ______ 1. What is the problem that this application attempted to solve using GIS?
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Unformatted text preview: 2. What GIS software and other hardware/software/techniques did they use? 3. How did they use GIS to solve the problem? 4. How did they communicate their findings? (ie, what kind of maps did they produce, what features were selected for display and which may have been left out, did they use any other reporting techniques -tables, charts, figures, equations.) 5. In your opinion, how do you think they succeeded in solving their problem with GIS. What might they have added or done differently to enhance their analysis?...
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