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HIST-103g note - II and III. Dreams of Emprie: the New...

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II and III. Dreams of Emprie: the New Monarchies - New Monarchs (Imperial Ideas) o Were channeling humanism, and their admiration for a specific political past were the reasons that they went to explore the world so that they may gain that kind of fame o Going off a Roman ideal, and the monarchs tried to get more power for themselves and weaken the power of the nobility underneath them A. Imperial Law Codes a. “Whatever pleases the prince is the law” i. Makes any kind of whim/fancy have the status of a legally enforceable political action b. “The prince is not bound by law” i. Not part of the legal system ii. Justified this by saying that the dukes and the nobles were responsible for the famine death and war from centurioes past B. Speraterion from the Nobitiliy a. Increased government bureaucracy drived from King’s Council i. The president’s cabinet 1. One’s that the monarch wants to rely on for political advice (there are also church members as well as secular lawyers) 2. Usually in the teens, not over 20 usually b. Establish permanent legal court i. That way, there was no need for the dukes and the earls c. Standing army i. Going back to ancient Rome (the great Ancient roman army) ii. Before, they used to just call the nobles who would organize troops iii. After the black death, they tried to create a standing army that was not C. Less reliance on Representative Assemblies Greater control over the judiciary a. These assemblie are selective rather than elected b. There is no formal election’s process c. Monarchs tried to shift the focus from the nobles to the assemblies i. Assemblies tried to get what they want by having conditions in order to fight against the nobles D. Peace as well as War = more international diplomacy a. New monarchs looked at the Italian way of peace laws vs war laws b. Because of this, there is this new condition where diplomats (church members and secular lawyers) were sent to foreign countries to try and ))))))))))))
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HIST-103g note - II and III. Dreams of Emprie: the New...

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