The World in 1492 and the New Monarchs

The World in 1492 and the New Monarchs - i. Castile fights...

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The World in 1492 and the New Monarchs I. Merchants, Marvels, and Missionaries: Motivations for Exploration in 1492 a. Garden of Eden b. Genghis Khan (d. 1227) and Pax Mongolica c. Travels of Marco Polo i. Italian travel d. Prester John e. Genoa and trading colomoes f. Portugal, African gold, and the Madeiras i. Looked at the successes and failures of Genoa and decided to act on that ii. Wanted to iii. Decided that they wanted to eliminate the middle man of the ottoman empire so that they may get the gold and carve themselves a niche in the gold market iv. Liked horses, saddles, cloth, wine, and salt of the Europeans, in exchange for gold v. Portuguese realized that they could also get slaves along with the gold vi. The Portuguese began to go into the g. Castile and the Canary Islands
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Unformatted text preview: i. Castile fights continuously from 1402 to 1496 so that they may take over the island, which had been relatively populated ii. They herded animals, used slaves, etc. iii. Population of the canary islands shrinks dramatically because of the warfare, iv. As a result of this II. Dreams of Empire: the new Monarchies a. III. The New Monarchies IV. Isabella and Ferdinand: the Ultimate of New Monarchs Thinking about Empire and Exploration-Voyages to the Americas happen as an extension of earlier efforts-Exploration and colonization are the extension of imperial ambitions-Varied motivations (financial, religious, political, etc.)-Motivations change over time-Difficulties determining what “really happen”...
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