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Weaknesses Rayona is a strong girl despite all of the hardships that she has gone through, however she still lacks a sense of self that most children with a good family environment have. Rayona craves to have a family; a mother that truly cares for her and a father that is able to see past his own selfish wants. Unfortunately, this lack of family leaves Rayona with an inherent want of attachment and acceptance. When Rayona finds Ellen DeMarco’s letter on the ground her emptiness and need is evident, “This scrap of paper in my hand makes me feel poor in a way like I just heard of rich. Jealous.” (Dorris 81). Rayona has smarts, grace and wit that most girls her age simply don’t, but because she lacks a family base Rayona does not appreciate herself. Rayona reveres Ellen because she has what Rayona does not; a real family. This family allows Ellen to carry herself confidently while Rayona is sheepish and coy even though many of the boys at Bearpaw Lake thinks she is just as attractive. The shaky family background for Rayona proves to be her greatest weakness because it affects all other aspects of her life. Despite all of her wrongdoings, Christine is a deeper person than her actions let on. Her main problems and weakness is her inability to translate her true feelings into legitimate actions. Even though Rayona see’s her actions as self-centered, Christine only wants what is best for her daughter. Christine wants Elgin not just because of her attraction to him, but because she wants a family for her daughter. After she gives birth to Rayona, Christine craves for Elgin, “I had a flash of my feeling for Elgin, a surge of wanting him to hold me in his big hands, a picture of the three of us, mother, father, daughter, smiling on a Christmas card” (Dorris 197). Her true motives for Elgin to come back into her life is to serve as a father to Rayona, but she does not show these feelings to her daughter, resulting in Rayona believing that Christine is selfish and
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uninterested in what is best for her daughter. The shortcoming of Christine’s abilities to translate her true feelings to others results in the lack of relationship between Rayona and herself. The most glaring weakness that Aunt Ida possesses is her early inability to say no. Ida’s life changes profoundly when she doesn’t say no to Clara and when she doesn’t say no to Lee. One decision gives her a child, Christine, and the other decision takes away her son forever when he dies in Vietnam. Eventually the feeling of remorse takes over Ida’s life; she even says “I should have kept myself free of them all. If I were to live differently; I would start with the word no…” (Dorris 297). Ida’s weakness to stick up for her own beliefs when people depend on her leads to soul hardening. As the years go on, Christine’s needs wear on Ida and she becomes cold and distant, unable to show her feelings to anyone. Ida finally looses everything when Lee dies in Vietnam after she allows him to go against her better judgment. Ida just wants those she cares
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yrbq - Weaknesses Rayona is a strong girl despite all of...

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