hw09_p04Trap - Y2new = Y2 + h/2*( fxy2(t+h, Y1bar, Y2bar) +...

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function [ Y1new, Y2new ] = hw09_p04Trap(h,t,Y1,Y2) Y1bar = Y1 + h*fxy1(t, Y1, Y2); Y2bar = Y2 + h*fxy2(t, Y1, Y2); Y Y1new = Y1 + h/2*( fxy1(t+h, Y1bar, Y2bar) + fxy1(t, Y1, Y2) );
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Unformatted text preview: Y2new = Y2 + h/2*( fxy2(t+h, Y1bar, Y2bar) + fxy2(t, Y1, Y2) ); Y function f_xy1 = fxy1(t, y1, y2) f_xy1 = y2; f function f_xy2 = fxy2(t, y1, y2) f_xy2 = exp(y1) - t;...
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