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Assignment - CS 159 HW#01 5 Points Possible Due at 11:00pm...

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CS 159 – HW #01 YOUR NAME: __________________________________ 5 Points Possible Due: January 25, 2010 at 11:00pm . Problem: Write a program that accepts as input two points and calculates the equation of the perpendicular bisector of the line segment between the given points. Do not concern yourself with input that may potentially result in a division by zero error. Example Execution: Enter x and y values for point 1: 2.0 -4.0 Enter x and y values for point 2: 7.0 -2.0 Two original points (2.0, -4.0) and (7.0, -2.0) Slope of the line between the two points: 0.40 Slope of the perpendicular bisector: -2.50 y intercept of the perpendicular bisector: 8.25 Equation of the perpendicular bisector: y = -2.5x + 8.25 Here are a few of the course standards to remember: 1. Include the head_hw header on top of your assignment (found in your CS159 directory). Be sure to include your PURDUE e-mail address after your name in the course header. 2. Indent all code two spaces. 3. Place a space between all operators and operands.
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