3 - BIO 205L September 18, 2006 Laboratory Entrance Quiz...

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1 BIO 205L September 18, 2006 Laboratory Entrance Quiz questions for this week will be taken from: - Chapter 3 (all) of the laboratory manual; - Today's lecture; - Information and instructions in Exercise 3 of the Lab manual. A fluorescent screen Magnets Electrons Components of an electron microscope The eye or a camera Detection device Transparent lenses Magnification and focusing apparatus Light Viewing medium Components of a light microscope Elements of a magnification system eye (detection device) light (viewing medium) clear glass or plastic lens (magnification and focusing apparatus) object image Illustrative Diagram of a Simple Light Microscope Ocular lens Objective lens Condenser lens Specimen (object) on stage Illustrative Diagram of a Compound Light Microscope Four Important Properties of Microscopes - Magnification - Aberrations - Resolving Power - Contrast review Calculations for Determining Sizes of Objects Viewed Through a Compound Light Microscope Mag lens = length of image length of object Mag total = Mag ocular lens X Mag objective lens length of object = length of viewed image Mag total review
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2 Aberration (in a light microscope) An indistinct image seen through the microscope caused, in part, by differences in the paths of light of different colors passing through a glass lens. Resolving Power (= Resolution) The closest that two objects (or edges) can be together and still distinguished as separate entities. note: resolving power is expressed quantitatively,
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3 - BIO 205L September 18, 2006 Laboratory Entrance Quiz...

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