5 - Dr. A. William Allen Office Hours: Monday 10-1 PM or by...

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Dr. A. William Allen • Office Hours: Monday 10-1 PM or by appointment • Office: PAI 1.22G •Em a i l : billallen@mail.utexas.edu • Phone: 471-2691 To be Learned in Exercise 5 • Be able to identify the parts of corn seedling. • Be able to identify stages of mitosis in prepared slides of corn seedling roots. • How to initiate and recognize the various developmental stages of the sea urchin. • How to use a hemacytometer and serial dilutions to determine the concentration of sea urchin sperm. • Describe the affect of temperature and LiCl on the development of sea urchin embryos. Development •G row th • Cell division (mitosis) • Differentiation • Senescence (aging) Examples of Eukaryotic Cellular Development • Germinating corn seed – Emphasis on the embryonic root (radicle) • Developing sea urchin embryo Cell Division-Mitosis • Interphase : Cell growth, DNA replication • Prophase : Chromosomes visible, spindle forms. • Metaphase : chromosomes lined along equator of cell • Anaphase : Sister chomatids separate • Telophase : Nuclear envelope reforms around sister nuclei, cytokinesis and cell plate formation in plant cells)
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What stage of mitosis? A. Prophase B. Metaphase C. Anaphase D. Telophase Categories of Plant Cells Meristem cells : Undifferentiated embryonic cells capable of mitosis that keep plant growing throughout its life. Differentiated cells : Specialized in structure and function and form the more stable and permanent parts of a plant. Kinds of Meristem Apical meristem : (tip meristem) – Located at ends of roots and shoots. – Primary growth at tips responsible for increase in length and differentiation of specialized parts. Lateral meristem : (side meristem) – Forms cylinders running parallel to axis of stem and root.
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5 - Dr. A. William Allen Office Hours: Monday 10-1 PM or by...

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