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Bio205L LABORATORY PRACTICAL EXAM Name: UTEID: CAREFULLY READ ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW. Do NOT look at other pages of this exam until your Laboratory Instructor directs you to do so ! This practical exam requires you to visit six different stations. You have exactly 6 minutes to complete each station, which includes time to clean-up and move to the next station. Thus, you will rotate through all six stations within 36 min. When directed by your laboratory instructor, you must move to the next station even if you have not completed the work. Please note that you will receive points for restoring stations - each as you found it upon your arrival - with items as clean or cleaner and in their appropriate location. As indicated by an asterisk (*), parts of the exam are “performance-based” sections that must be performed while you are present at that particular station. These sections of the exam will be conducted under close supervision of your Laboratory Instructor. The proficiency, efficiency, accuracy, and care with which you perform these
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