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Vivian Mai-Tran 09/12/06 Lab Safety Video Summary Be careful in the lab by -knowing where all the instruments in the lab are -tying tanks together or to something sturdy so they don’t fall over -knowing the difference in when to use goggles or visors -knowing the difference in when to use thin gloves or thick gloves -using dangerous fumes under a vent -knowing where the eye wash and the shower wash are and how to use both -placing glass away from the edges of the table -putting away items that could be tripped over such as the cart in the video -not covering the vent from the bottom with containers or paper Analysis 1. class 100-ml beaker-4.7235% class 5-ml pipet-2.405% 2. a) .28g b) .056g 3. a) We weren’t concerned with finding out the weight of the small volumes of liquid. Even if we knew the weights, we weren’t concerned with calibrating the pipetter because we don’t know how to. b) I’m not sure how to answer this, but if we’re measuring the liquid in the automatic pippetter, I would use an analytical balance because it can be very specific, up to four
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