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Vivian Mai-Tran 9/19/06 1 . a)mean length=1.34RU mean width=.42 RU b)standard dev=.09 standard dev=.11 c) 1.34 + or - .18 .42 + or - .22 (1.16,1.52) (.20, .64) 2 . I used a cylinder with a sphere cut in two for the ends, so it looks like a hotdog or a stretched out sphere. Geometrically I used a cylinder without the measurements of the ends (2(pi)radius^2) and one sphere. Radius= ½ mean width Length b= mean length-2radius OR mean length-mean width Volume=pi(r^2)(length b) + (4/3)(pi)(r^3) (3.14)(.21^2)(.92) + (4/3)(3.14)(.21^3) = 1.662530832 RU^3 3 . Cylinder Surface Area – 2 Tops + Sphere Surface Area 2(pi)(r)(length b) + 4(pi)(r^2) 2(3.14)(.21)(.92) + 4(3.14)(.21^2) = 1.768088345 RU^2 4 . Surface Area / Volume is a 670:63 ratio. 5 . a)Built-in Illuminator b)Binocular 6 . At a low power, the view is like a person from a plane watching people on the ground. People don’t seem to be moving fast because the range of your view is a lot more than it would be at a higher power. At low power, the range may be a couple mm, so the
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