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Vivian Mai-Tran 10/03/2006 Exercise 4 1. see graph 2. n/a 3. see graph 4. k = slope of best fit line = .0224 5. Tdouble = .693 / k .693/.0224 = 30.9375 minutes or 31 minutes in the case of the bacterial growth. 6. The lag time of the V. natriegens culture after inoculation into fresh culture medium before exponential growth was 24 minutes. 7. Advantages of Non-Stained Culture Advantages of Stained Culture See True Colors Able to Clearly See Size Trace Movements Able to Clearly See Outline Observe Specimen Alive
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Unformatted text preview: Able to Observe Cellular Components Cheaper because don’t have to purchase stain Able to See Movements 8. Advantages of O.D. Measurements Advantages of Measurements by Direct Count Faster- More Convenient When Time is and Issue Cheaper to Count- Don’t have to buy Instrument Safer for Health and Safety Concerns More Accurate/Not Estimate Better for Eyes because you do not have to stare at sample for a long time Able to See Large Quantities...
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