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Exercise 11 - their DNA genes The X-gal in the agar is...

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Exercise 11 Analysis 1. The bacterial cells were made “competent” by heat shocking the bacterial cells to make the plasma membrane absorbent. 2. A transformation of a cell means that DNA has been altered with those of another and thus gaining new functions. Plasmids are used in transforming cells because their DNA can be easily transferred into another plasmid. 3. “Heat shocking” the competent E. Coli cells after adding the ligation mixture will allow the plasma membrane to be more permeable to other plasmids entering the cell. 4. The ampicillin kills the bacteria cells without ampicillin genes incorporated into
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Unformatted text preview: their DNA genes. The X-gal in the agar is converted to a blue-colored compound by beta-galactosidase from the plasmids, resulting in a blue color that causes each transformed colony to appear blue. IPTG permits synthesis of beta-galactosidase with the removal of the repressor beta-galactosidase gene of Lac Z. 5. The white colonies because they contain the foreign new gene which interferes with the genetic sequence that makes beta-galactosidase enzyme thus it did not turn blue....
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