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KEY: Bio 205L EXERCISE 11A Prep Sheet for LABORATORY PRACTICAL EXAM Procedures and Techniques learned during this laboratory: If the same technique is used in multiple sections of a lab, it does not need to be listed multiple times. ( For the lab practical exam, be sure you know how to properly perform each technique). Section 11a.1.: Ligation Reaction a. Preparation of a Test Ligation. b. Preparation of Control Ligations. c. Centrifuge bacteria in microfuge tubes in a microcentrifuge. d. Ethanol precipitation of DNA. e. Dry bacterial pellets after ethanol wash by inverting on Kimwipes. Section 11a.2.: Agar Plate Preparation a. Sterile technique for pipetting liquids onto the surface of a sterile nutrient medium agar plate. b. Use of a sterile plastic spreader. c. Sterile technique for spreading liquids on the surface of nutrient medium agar plates. d. Sterile technique for spreading bacteria over the surface of nutrient medium agar plates.
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