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KEY: Bio 205L EXERCISE 11B Prep Sheet for LABORATORY PRACTICAL EXAM Procedures and Techniques learned during this laboratory: If the same technique is used in multiple sections of a lab, it does not need to be listed multiple times. ( For the lab practical exam, be sure you know how to properly perform each technique). Section 11b.2.: Isolation of Plasmid DNA from a Bacterium a. Centrifuge at 3000 rpm. b. Use a Vortex mixer to resuspend pelleted material. c. Centrifuge bacteria in microfuge tubes in a microcentrifuge. d. Ethanol precipitation of DNA. e. Dry bacterial pellets after ethanol wash by inverting on Kimwipes. Graphing and Data Analysis Analysis: Count and record colony numbers on transformation plates by dividing the plates into 8 equal sized sectors and multiplying the number of colonies in one sector by 8.
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Unformatted text preview: Dangers and Cautions Section 11b.2.: Be careful not to lose the pellet when you pour off the supernatant following the ethanol washes. If you do, re-centrifuge. Clean-Up: Bleach is in the receptacle for Used Bacterial Spreaders. Section 11.b.4: No liquid or solid materials contaminated with bacteria should be placed in regular trash or poured into the sink. Clean-Up Procedures for this Laboratory: Non-hazardous items: Disposal Site: Used spreaders Jar For Used Spreaders) Bacterial liquid waste Liquid Bacterial Waste Receptacle Bacterial pellets from centrifugation Bacterial Waste Receptacle Bacterial agar plates Biohazard Waste Receptacle Toxic/Hazardous Substances Used: Disposal Site: Bleach in receptacle for Used Bacterial Spreaders...
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