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University of California at Santa Cruz Baskin School of Engineering EE-101L: Introduction to Circuits Lab Laboratory 4 Introduction: In this lab of the course, you will explore the properties of operational amplifiers, one of the most important circuit elements in analog electronics. Make sure you read the section on op amps in the introductory notes. First, you will use the op-amp in a DC circuit and learn how to use it as an amplifier and determine its input and output impedance. In the second part of the lab, you will see how you can do math on sinusoidal AC signals using a simple op-amp circuit. At the end of the lab, you should be able to: Understand DC and AC op-amp operation Determine input and output resistance/impedance Measure the frequency response of an amplifier Build and characterize a preamplifier Design an op-amp circuit that carries out a desired mathematical operation Topics from the lecture you need to be familiar with: Op-amp circuit model Ideal op-amp technique Input and output impedance Basic op-amp circuits Differentiators and integrators Pre-lab questions (hand in before lab starts): 1. Under what assumptions is the ideal op-amp technique valid? 2. Why are input and output impedance of an op-amp circuit important? 3. How would you measure input and output impedance for DC? 4. What is the amplification of an ideal inverting op-amp amplifier? 5. How can you differentiate or integrate AC signals with an op-amp circuit? (see Hambley ch. 14.10.)
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Part 1: Fundamental op amp properties 1. DC amplification a) Build the circuit shown below using a 741 op amp: b) Apply a DC voltage V 1 using the power supply. Vary V 1 between –5V and +5V in 1V steps and record the output V 2 . c)
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Lab4 - University of California at Santa Cruz Baskin School...

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