L2 scientific inquiry

L2 scientific inquiry - 8/23/2009 1 Biology is a...

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Unformatted text preview: 8/23/2009 1 Biology is a logic-based science • Experiments may be observational in nature (ex. behavioral ecology) • they may be discovery-based • they may be strictly controlled in order to reduce error •All sciences are limited to what can be tested (= not subjective questions) Two primary research methods in biology: • Discovery-based science • Hypothesis-based science (scientific method) 1) Discovery Science- collect and analyze data, not hypothesis driven ex: testing drugs to determine usefulness in various diseases : investigating gene functions 2) Scientific Method-series of steps used to answer questions logically Hypothesis driven Usually tested with a controlled experiment Results should be repeatable Five major steps to the Scientific Method: 1. Make observations- question things! 2. Formulate a hypothesis 3. Design and perform a controlled experiment/observe 4. Analyze results 5. Draw conclusions (accept or reject hypothesis), present results Hypotheses 3 formats: • Question : Does the color of light affect plant growth? • Conditional Statement : The color of light may affect plant growth. • If…then Statem ent: If plant growth is related to the color of light, then some colors of light will produce greater growth than others. 8/23/2009 2 Hypotheses must state a relationship in order to not be just a prediction… ex.: If I play the lottery, then I will get rich. ex. If it is cloudy, then it will rain. Better: If the frequency of winning is related to the frequency of buying lottery tickets, then the more tickets I buy, the more money I’ll win. Hypotheses must be falsifiable There are other inhabited planets in the universe....
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L2 scientific inquiry - 8/23/2009 1 Biology is a...

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