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BIOLOGY STUDY SHEET 1 Review . Read and understand  your syllabus.  If there is something you don’t understand, ask another student and/or call Ms. Floyd. Learn  the following portions of your syllabus:   Attendance, Test day, Honor Pledge, Classroom and Laboratory Safety, and Grading. Test  your learning:  without looking at your syllabus , answer the questions below, and then  check  your answers in your syllabus. True/False. Correct the underlined  word of false statements.  Write the correct answer above the underlined portion of the  incorrect statements.  Write T beside true statements. 1.  Students who are five minutes late are recorded as absent 2.  In the Review section of a study sheet, students should not  check their answers in the notes. 3.  Tests in this class are given on Thursdays
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Unformatted text preview: . Lists. 4. On the back of this sheet, write out the honor pledge. 5. On the back of this sheet, list the three safety rules that must be followed at all times while in the classroom/lab room. Preview • Read pages 14-18 in the textbook. • Read the ‘materials’ and ‘procedure’ steps 1-3 of the Quick Lab on page 18. (We will do a similar lab later in the year.) o Is this an example of a controlled experiment? (yes/no) o What is the independent variable in this experiment? o In a complete sentence, define the term prediction when used as part of the scientific method. o In complete sentences, what is your prediction about what will happen in each dish?...
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