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2008_Study_Sheet_5 - 3 When a hypothesis is NOT supported...

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Study Sheet 5 Review Read and understand today’s notes. If there is something you don’t understand, ask another student, check the book or call Ms. Floyd. Learn the above notes. (One way to learn is to cover the material and say that material out loud completely and accurately to yourself.) Test your learning: Without looking at your notes , answer the following questions. Check your answers in your notes afterward. True/False. Write T beside true statements. Correct the underlined word of false statements. Use italicized words for guidance. 1. Averages and electrophoresis are the two most commonly used ways of organizing data in the field of biology. 2. The last step of the scientific method is experimentation
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Unformatted text preview: . 3. When a hypothesis is NOT supported by an experiment, a new observation must be made. List. On the back of this sheet, 4. list the characteristics of life AND beside each give one example of a non-living thing that also has that characteristic. Short answer. On the back of this sheet, 5. in complete sentence(s), write out the definition of a theory . 6. in complete sentence(s), explain AND give an example for why a hypothesis cannot be said to be proved. Preview 1. Read pages 30-32 in the textbook. 2. On the back of this sheet, in complete sentence(s), define the term atom . 3. Write the names of the particle(s) found in the following locations: a. nucleus: b. energy levels:...
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