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2008_Study_Sheet_36 - List On the back of this sheet 1 List...

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STUDY SHEET 36 Read and understand  today’s notes.  If there is something you don’t understand, ask  another student, check the book or call Ms. Floyd. Learn  the above notes. (One way to learn is to cover the material and say that material out  loud completely and accurately to yourself.) Test  your learning:  Without looking at your notes , answer the following questions.   Check  your answers in your notes afterward and make any needed corrections.
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Unformatted text preview: List. On the back of this sheet, 1. List one method of obtaining cells from a fetus for a karyotype. Short Answer. On the back of this sheet, solve the following problems. For each, show the Punett square and phenotypes for the offspring. 2. Cross two parents that are both heterozygous for seed shape and seed color. Preview o Read pages 289-291. o Answer questions #11,12, 13 on page 294....
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