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Study Sheet 37 Review Read and understand  today’s notes. If there is something you don’t understand, ask another student, check the book or call Ms.  Floyd. Learn  the above notes. (One way to learn is to cover the material and say that material out  loud completely and accurately to yourself.) Test  your learning:  Without looking at your notes , answer the following questions.   Check  your answers in your notes afterward and make any needed corrections. Name. Below, name the following: The structure that swells during mumps: The structure that secretes a fluid made of water, salts and amylase: The structures that masticate food: The structure that secretes bile: The structures that has villi:  The structure where absorption of nutrients occurs:  The three structures that secrete into the duodenum:
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Unformatted text preview: The structure whose function is to store food: The structures that has ruggae: The structure that keeps food from entering the trachea: The structure that keeps food from entering the nasal pharynx: List. On the back of this sheet, 1. list the function of the digestive system. Short Answer. On the back of this sheet, 2. draw and label (name only) the picture of the digestive system. Preview • Count the total number of pages of your class notes for this semester. Record that number here: • Divide that number by four and • Place 3 post-it notes or other markers on the appropriate pages so that your notes are divided into four equal-ish sections. Be prepared to show your divided notes to Ms. Floyd....
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