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LABORATORY 2: EQUIPMENT; GRAPHING; LIFE OBJECTIVES This exercise is designed to reinforce material we have recently discussed in class, including: advanced science equipment, the process of graphing, the characteristics of life. GRADING check for three or fewer points taken off check minus for more than three points taken off zero for not handed in on time PROCEDURE Work with one or two partners. Find the numbered stations that are placed around the room. Start at any station and answer the questions below that pertain to that station. Try to answer the questions without first looking in your notes. Check your answers before turning in this lab to the homework file before you leave class. I. Equipment. Station 1. Centrifuge. How does this piece of equipment separate out components from one another? Look at the picture of a tube of spun blood. The bottom-most layer in the tube contains the heaviest components of blood. Based on the color of that layer, this layer must be composed of _________ (color) blood cells. The thin second layer is composed
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2005_Lab_2_Equipment,Life,Graphing - L ABORATORY 2...

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