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General Biology Laboratory Manual 1 VERTEBRATES OBJECTIVE In this exercise you will have an opportunity to see some of the specimens we have been talking about in class. GRADING 1-3 wrong = check 3.5 or more wrong = check minus PROCEDURE I. With a lab partner and USING YOUR NOTES, answer the following questions associated with the displays that are set up around the room. Hand in your lab before you leave. Specimen #1. Lamprey. In what class is this organism classified? In what phylum is this organism classified? What type of scales does this fish have? What is significant about the mouth of this fish? What is significant about the fins of this fish? Specimen #2. Ray model. Of what material is the skeleton this specimen composed? In what class is this specimen classified? Name two other members of this class. This specimen has a light ventral (bottom) surface and dark dorsal (top) surface. What is this phenomenon called?
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2009_Lab_11_Vertebrates_without_mammals - General Biology...

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