Word_List_1 - oncolysis pseudo(o) pseudodiabetes pyo...

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Chapter 1 Word List Instructions: 1. Type a brief definition for each term and prefix. (See Chapter 1 of the textbook to locate definitions). 2 . Save the file. Print a copy. Term Definition alternative medicine combining form complementary medicine conventional medicine diacritical marks etymology HIPAA Hippocratic Oath Hippocrates ICD Patient’s Bill of Rights prefix SNOMED SOAP suffix word root
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Prefix Definition of Prefix Term Definition of Term alge, algio, algo algospasm ather (o) atheroma blasto glioblastoma cyst(o), cysti cystoid dextr (o) dextrocardia gen(o genoblast lacto, lacti lactogen oncho, onco
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Unformatted text preview: oncolysis pseudo(o) pseudodiabetes pyo pyocyst pyro pyrogenic salping(o) salpingectomy schiz(o) schizophrenia scler(o) scleroderma scolio scoliometer somat(o) somatogenic spiro(o) spiroscope therm(o) thermometer tono tonometer tropho trophocyte xeno xenophobia xer(o) xeroderm PLURALS 2 Instructions : Type the plural form for each word. See page 4, TABLE 1-2, for rules for forming plurals. Singular Plural abscess angioma appendix cancer datum face fossa ganglion joint muscle neurosis paraplegic radix reflex staphylococcus vasectomy 3...
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Word_List_1 - oncolysis pseudo(o) pseudodiabetes pyo...

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