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Chapter 2 Word List Instructions: 1. Type a brief definition for each prefix, suffix, and term. (See Chapter 2 of the textbook to locate definitions). See also the online dictionary: www.thefreedictionary.com . 2. Save the file. Print a copy. Chapter 2 Prefix Definition of Prefix Term Definition of Term anti antibacterial aut(o) autoimmune brady bradycardia cata cataplexy dys dysfunctional ect(o) ectoblast end(o) endoabdominal exo exogenous hemi hemiplegia hyper hypersensitive hypo hypodermic inter interdental iso isometric mal malabsorption meg(a), megal(o) megacephaly mono monomania poly polyarteritis retro retroversion semi semicomatose sub subcutaneous supra supranasal syl, sym, syn, sys symbiosis tachy tachycardia
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ultra ultraviolet Suffix Definition of Suffix Term Definition of Term
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Unformatted text preview: -algia neuralgia-asthenia neurasthenia-blast leukoblast-crine endocrine-crit hemocrit-desis arthrodesis-edema lymphedema-emesis hematemesis-esthesia paresthesia-gram encephalogram-graph encephalograph-graphy endocardiography-ic gastric-itis osteomyelitis-ologist gerontologist-logy oncology-lysis electrolysis-megaly splenomegaly-meter sphygmanometer-oid fibroid-oma lympnoma-opia myopia-ostomy colostomy-pathy trichopathy-penia osteopenia-pepsia dyspepsia-phobia gerontophobia-phonia neuraphonia 2-plasty rhinoplasty-plegia blepharoplegia-plegic quadriplegic-pnea dyspnea-porosis osteoporosis-rrhaphy arteriorrhaphy-scope microscope-tomy phlebotomy 3...
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Word_List_2 - -algia neuralgia-asthenia neurasthenia-blast...

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