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Chapter 4 Word List Instructions: 1. Type a brief definition for each term and combining form. (See Chapter 4 of the textbook to locate definitions). 2. Save as Chapter 4 Word List. Print a copy .    Term   Chapter 4 Structure and Function Terms integumentary system Skin epidermis dermis ( corium ) subcutaneous adipose collagen melanin melanocyte Hair hair follicle hair root hair shaft Nails keratin cuticle lunula (pl. lunulae) Glands ceruminous sweat (sudoriferous) diaphoresis eccrine apocrine sebaceous
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Diagnostic, Procedural, and Laboratory Terms dermatology exudate intradermal test Mantoux test patch test PPD Schick test scratch test tine test (TB tine )   Pathological Terms, Symptoms, Abnormalities, and Conditions
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Unformatted text preview: alopecia basal cell carcinoma callus comedo corn eczema first-degree burn second-degree burn third-degree burn herpes Kaposi's sarcoma lesion leukoplakia malignant melanoma neoplasm onychopathy pediculosis psoriasis scabies 2 Term Surgical Terms allograft (homograft) autograft biopsy cauterization cryosurgery curettage debridement dermabrasion electrodesiccation fulguration heterograft (xenograft) plastic surgery skin graft Combining Forms adip(o) dermat(o) hidr(o) ichthy(o) kerat(o) lip(o) melan(o) myc(o) onych(o) pil(o) seb(o) steat(o) trich(o) xanth(o) xero(o) 3...
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Word_List_4 - alopecia basal cell carcinoma callus comedo...

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