Word_List_8 - encephalogram myelogram PET polysomnography...

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. Chapter 8 Word List Instructions: 1. Type a brief definition for each term and combining form. (See Chapter 8 of the textbook to locate definitions). 2. Save as Chapter 8 Word List. Print a copy . Chapter 8 Structure and Function nerve cell (neuron) cell body dendrites axon synapse excitability stimulus conductivity receptors central nervous system brainstem cerebellum cerebrum diencephalon cranium peripheral nervous system somatic nervous system autonomic nervous system meninges Diagnostic, Procedural, and Laboratory Terms Babinski’s reflex cerebral angiogram computerized tomography scans electroencephalogram (EEG)
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Unformatted text preview: encephalogram myelogram PET polysomnography (PSG) reflex Pathological Terms Alzheimers disease amnesia brain contusion coma concussion epilepsy gliomas hydrocephalus Lou Gehrigs disease meningitis multiple sclerosis (MS) narcolepsy palsy Parkinsons disease shingles somnambulism stroke Tay-Sachs Tourette syndrome occlusion Surgical Terms neurosurgeon lobectomy craniectomy neuroplasty cordotomy Combining Forms cerebell (o) cerebr (o) crani (o) encephal (o) mening (o) myel (o) neur (o) spin (o) thalam (o) 2...
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Word_List_8 - encephalogram myelogram PET polysomnography...

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