Word_List_10 - hysteroscopy mammography obstetrician...

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Word List 10 Instructions: 1. Type a brief definition for each term and combining form. (See Chapter 10 of the textbook to locate definitions). 2. Save as Chapter 10 Word List. Print a copy . Chapter 10 Structure and Function Terms Female Reproductive System amniotic fluid Bartholin’s glands coitus (copulation) estrogen gametes gestation gravida mammary gland menopause ova ovaries (gonads) parturition progesterone umbilical cord uterine uterus vagina menarche caesarean section Diagnostic Terms colposcopy gynecologists hysterosalpingography
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Unformatted text preview: hysteroscopy mammography obstetrician Papanicolaou smear Pathological Terms abortion amenorrhea chlamydia dysmenorrhea gonorrhea menometrorrhagia menorrhagia fibroid preeclampsia mastitis miscarriage syphilis Surgical Terms aspiration cauterization hysterectomy mastectomy myomectomy lumpectomy amniocentesis Combining Forms cervic(o) colp(o) episi(o) gynec(o) hyster(o) lact(o) mamm(o), mast(o) metr(o) oo oophor(o) ovari(o) perine(o) salping(o) uter(o) vagin(o) 2 3...
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Word_List_10 - hysteroscopy mammography obstetrician...

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