Feminism Final Ppaer

Feminism Final Ppaer - Since the day we took our first...

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Since the day we took our first breath, life guaranteed a future filled with opportunities as well as obstacles. From learning how to crawl to uttering our first word, it was clear that there were only more challenges ahead and more battles to be fought. For example, just recently my mother and I were waiting in line to have our blood drawn at an annual health check up. After waiting 45 unbelievably boring minutes, my mom and I were finally next in line. My excitement quickly died, however, when a tall man around his 40’s decided to step in front of us and take our spot. Surprised, my mom asked him why he cut in front of us and he responded that he was in line before us but had been waiting in the car. Unfortunately, the argument between the man and my mother became so heated that the man daringly gave my mom a light push. Seeing this, I immediately stepped into the adult argument and came to my mom’s rescue. Standing before a towering man who is at least two decades older than I was, I questioned his values in front of the dozens of now staring eyes. “How dare you lay a finger on my mother? Even a child like me knows never to hurt another person, let alone a woman, how do you not know? What part of respect do you not understand and how did your parents raise you?” The man was speechless. He quietly took the walk of shame out of the clinic and I never saw him again. Since that little incident, I made it through a variety of obstacles with hardly a scratch— that is, until I met him. I was happy that I was able to stand up for my mother but I wish I had the ovaries to stand up for myself once and for all a year and a half ago. Although my mother raised me not to take shit from anyone, to be a tough women and an independent thinker, I wish I had the ovaries to stand up for myself! Brian was my first boyfriend. He treated me with as much love and care as every guy should treat his partner. The first 9 months of our relationship was the epitome of perfection. However as time went on, the Brian I once knew became selfish, short-tempered and apathetic towards me and our relationship. Every time we fought, he would tell me that I aroused the fight because I’m a “bitch.” Whenever I tried to reason with him, he would call me stupid and pathetic
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Feminism Final Ppaer - Since the day we took our first...

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