NS 115 - Insulin

NS 115 - Insulin - Blocks the action of hormone sensitive...

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Insulin Effects on Glucose o Gets released by Beta Cells into blood when glucose above 80 mg/100 dl also released by amino acids o Attaches to insulin receptors in muscles tissues Grabs the glucose and brings it into muscle tissue, then cells # and sensitivity of insulin receptors is movement dependent stimulates synth of glycogen in muscles and liver glyc is polysaccharide of glucose, stores energy o Role in Adipose (Fat) Cells Transports glucose and fatty acids into the cells Stimulates synthesis lipoprotein lipase This lipase transports triglycerides into the cell
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Unformatted text preview: Blocks the action of hormone sensitive lipase • Normally break apart fatty acids from glycerol in lipid Blocks sympathetic receptors on fat cells # and sensitivity depend on the size of the adipose • smaller more sensitive o Effects in the liver Doesn’t need liver to get glucose into cells Stimulates synthesis of glycogen Stimulates triglyceride synthesis Stops gluconeogenesis • Making glucose from amino acids in the liver...
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