NS 115 - Lecture 7 - Lecture 7: Colon September 17, 2008...

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Lecture 7: Colon September 17, 2008 Treatments for constipation consumption of fiber (25-30 g/day) Exercise pushes the contents of the system around Laxatives absorb water bulk forming laxatives – absorb water in the intestine and make the stool softer Stimulates cause rhythmic muscle contractions I the intestines. Stool softners provide moisture to the stool and prevent dehydration. Lubricants grease the stool enabling it to move through the intestine more easily - mineral oil Insoluble Fibers Swells Causes stretching of intestinal wall Causes movement Indigestion Sources of Insoluble Fiber Green leafy veggies, root veggies Diarrhea Leading cause of death in children in the world Causes of Diarrhea Bacterial infection bacteria damage the epithelial cells Campylobacter, salmonella, shingella, and E. coli Viral infections rotavirus, Norwalk virus, cytomegalovirus, herpes simplex virus, and viral hepatitis Food intolerances Lactose intolerance Parasites Reactions to medicines Intestinal Diseases inflammatory bowel disease, celiac disease (become allergic to a type of protein, crohn’s disease
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NS 115 - Lecture 7 - Lecture 7: Colon September 17, 2008...

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