NS 115 - Lecture 20 - o Animal genetics About 22 strains of...

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Lecture 20 – Environmentally Induced Eating October 20, 2008 Model: “Apparent Regulation” Assumptions o Daily intake is normally distributed The environment is what determines this distribution o Expenditure is normally distributed o The larger you are, the greater the energy expenditure 25% of increase in weight is muscle muscle mass is related to total mass expenditure is a function of your weight People who didn’t each lunch ate 130 kCal more at lunch time o If you don’t eat breakfast you are in a deficit o The deficit is a function of the amount of snacks you eat Overeating o If you increase the amount of food you eat and then recover by eating the normal amount, the body will adjust back (you will start to lose the weight) Biological theory of eating Genetics
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Unformatted text preview: o Animal genetics About 22 strains of genetically obese mice 6 strains of obese rats All have • Higher food intake • Lower resting metabolic rate • In humans the intake differences are not necessarily apparent • Less activity • Become diabetic • Many endocrine abnormalities • Sluggish sympathetic nervous function o Family Studies Correlations • Parent-child o 0 parents overweight 0.3 chance overweight o 1 parent overweight 0.6 chance overweight o 2 parents overweight 0.8 chance of overweight • Grandparent-child • Sibling-sibling • Twins o Monozygotic 0.82 correlation in body weight (same environment) 0.7 corr in body weight (diff environment) o dizygotic (low correlation) o...
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NS 115 - Lecture 20 - o Animal genetics About 22 strains of...

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