NS 115 - Lecture 22

NS 115 - Lecture 22 - Lecture 22 Dieting and Size...

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Lecture 22 – Dieting and Size Discrimination October 24, 2008 Why Control Your Weight? o Increased Health Risk Type 2 diabetes High blood pressure High blood cholesterol, dyslipidemia Coronary heat disease Stroke Some cancers Gallstones Gout Osteoarthritis Obstructive sleep apnea and respiratory problems Some types of cancer (such as endometrial, breast, prostate, and colon Complications of pregnancy Psychological disorders o Icreased Health Cost $75 billion in 2002 means that we may live a shorter life than our parents Are We Really Getting Fatter? o General upward trend of obesity over the years Cause of the Epidemic o Weight = intake – expenditure o The epidemic is caused by eating too much or expending too little o Energy Expenditures of African tribes peoples subsistence farming/hunter gathering More primitive societies should have higher energy expenditures Studies used the double labeled water experiment PAL = (total energy expenditure) / (resting metabolic rate)
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NS 115 - Lecture 22 - Lecture 22 Dieting and Size...

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