NS 115 - Normal Blood Glucose Levels

NS 115 - Normal Blood Glucose Levels - Liver activates...

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Normal Blood Glucose Levels o Alpha cells detect drop in glucose and release glucagons Hormone that converts glycogen to glucose from the liver o As this happens the blood glucose rises again which would release insulin from beta cells Delta cells release somatostatin which repress insulin receptors in order to dampen the response of rising blood glucose o Alpha, beta, and delta cells are all found in the pancreas in the Islet of Langerhans Hypothalamus o Regulates sympathetic functions o Monitors blood glucose levels and alpha and beta cells o Sympathetic kicks in when blood glucose low o Activates Adrenal Gland Medulla release adrenaline Epinephrine gets released and goes to the liver
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Unformatted text preview: Liver activates gluconeogenesis which makes glucose from amino acids Glucose goes to the neural tissues But what about the muscle cells o Muscle cells Hormone sensitive lipase will be stimulated by sympathetic NS and break fat into fatty acids for the muscles to use o What happens when there are no more amino acids? Pituitary Gland o ACTH released from pituitary gland (stimulated by hypothalamus) o ACTH activates the adrenal cortex o Adrenal cortex release glucocorticoids break down muscle proteins into amino acids. o Amino acids get dumped into the blood, then back in the liver...
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NS 115 - Normal Blood Glucose Levels - Liver activates...

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