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NS 115 - Small Intestine facts - Rapid turnover can lead to...

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Facts o 6 – 8 meters long o 2,355 sq ft surface area helps nutrients get absorbed faster SA due to microvilla that line the Epithelial cells o Sympathetic NS inhibits motility and relaxes the anal sphincter o Parasympathetic NS facilitates motility and tightens anal sphincter. o Mesentery holds it in place so not moving around, highly vascularized, depot for fat o Epithelial cells consist of the lumen. Allow nutrients to get absorbed Very sensitive, high turnover rate (24 hrs)
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Unformatted text preview: Rapid turnover can lead to errors in these cells which can cause CANCER Contains enzymes o Breaks down Carbs, Proteins, and Lipids o Contains cells that respond to stretch Releases SECRETIN when stretched o Releases CHOLECYSTOKINI (CCK), and GASTRIC INHIBITING PROTEIN (GIP) • Role in Digestion o Chyme from stomach enters duodenum of SI first o Acidic chyme is neutralized by secretin o Site of enzymatic digestion and nutrient absorption ....
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