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Medical Parisitology - September 24

Medical Parisitology - September 24 - Medical Parisitology...

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Medical Parisitology September 24, 2009 Ancylostoma duodenale (hookworm) o Has hook mouth with teeth o Head is hooked backward o First seen by Egyptians o Described in 1845 causing severe diarrhea and anemia in miners in Russia o Luce found that life cycle begins by penetrating the skin o Mouth has two big teeth in the front o Male has a clasper for grabbing female o Life cycle is direct 4-8 cells in egg, hookworms prefer sandy loose soil o 5 days – week you get larva which has sheath to protect from dessication o Go through bloodstream up to lungs o 3 rd stage is infective o Pre-patent period 5 weeks Can live in you anywhere from 1 – 9 years o Female produces about 30,000 eggs o Undergo arrested development Wait and don’t grow anymore then periodically repopulate the intestinal tract o Capable of infecting children during transmammary transmission o Disease is anemia suck blood and cause blood loss o Diagnosed by finding eggs in the feces Necator americanus o Other human hookworm
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