Medical Parisitology - September 29

Medical Parisitology - September 29 - Medical Parisitology...

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Medical Parisitology September 29, 2009 Strongyloides stercoralis o Intestinal Thread worm o First discovered in the feces of soldiers with diarrhea in Indochina (Vietnam) in 1876 Believed to be cosmopolitan in distribution o Parasite of people and other primates (but sometimes in dogs) o Does well in people in crowded living situations and fecal material management is difficult o Natural environment is marshy or swamp-like areas Does best in areas (not sandy soil) but loam soil swamps and river deltas o Esophagus is about 1/3 of the body length o Biology Adult stage in people is a parthenogenic female – NO MALES 2.5 mm long – lives threaded through the small intestinal mucosa Female lays eggs here, mainly in the crypts of the duodenum and upper ileum As eggs move toward lumen they hatch First stage larva found in feces First stage larva that comes out is called a rhabditiform because of the shape of the esophagus o Has external and internal autoinfection External autoinfection Larva penetrate skin and develop on skin Internal autoinfection dermatologist gives you steroids for your skin itch and it doesn’t work. You develop a cough. Then you’re hospitalized o Passed as a larva in feces diagnosis In the sputum
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o Chemotherapy makes these more active Strongyloides fuelleborni o Mainly a parasite of higher apes in Africa and Borneo but can also get into people
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Medical Parisitology - September 29 - Medical Parisitology...

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