Exam 2 - -Atomic radius-the size determined by the bonding...

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Exam 2 Periodic trends -Ionization energy-energy required to remove an electron and pull it away an infinite distance -always positive for neutral atoms -becomes more positive across a period or up a group -S<P because P has extra stability due to half filled p-orbital -electron affinity-energy required to add an electron -negative -more negative across the period (bigger) or up a group -N is an exception ex. rank least to most negative affinity Al, P, Si, S, Cl
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Unformatted text preview: -Atomic radius-the size determined by the bonding between two of the same atom-decreases to the right and down a group Ch 13 Bonding Ionic-a metal and non-metal Covalent-2 non-metals Non-polar covalent bonds result in 2 identical atoms—N2 O2 H2 Each atom shares the electron density equally Polar covalent—bonds with 2 different atoms HF, ClF Electronegativity-the affinity to pull electrons in a bond towards their nucleus...
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