Anthropology 100 Syllabus Spring 20102

Anthropology 100 Syllabus Spring 20102 - Anthropology 100...

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Anthropology 100 Introduction to Anthropology Spring 2010 Professor Andrew Buckser Stone Hall 314 Teaching Assistants: Stacey Enslow 496-2857 Franco Lai Ryan Plis Anthropology studies the astonishing diversity of the human experience, from its earliest origins to the current day. Its subject matter runs from our first primate ancestors to our most modern cultural contemporaries, from the rain forests of New Guinea to the urban jungles of New York. In all of these areas, anthropology focuses on human culture. Unlike other animals, human beings must interact not only with an external natural environment, but also with a cultural world which they have created themselves. How and when did this culture begin? How has it interacted with human biology and material life? What are the rules which guide it, and how widely can it vary? Through biological studies, archaeology, and ethnography, anthropologists probe the roots of human uniqueness. This course will introduce students to the entire range of the discipline. We will begin with the study of human origins, tracing the development of hominids from their primate ancestors to modern homo sapiens sapiens . We will then explore the development of human culture, from early hunter-gatherers to the rise of civilization. Finally, we will explore the tremendous variation among present-day cultures, including an extended case study from the Amazon basin. Readings
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Anthropology 100 Syllabus Spring 20102 - Anthropology 100...

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