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intrB02 - methods and ethics

intrB02 - methods and ethics - moral position Cultural...

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Anthropology 100 Lecture Outline Basic Issues, Methods, and Ethics  1. Some basic terms - Culture - Culture involves the body of symbols and meanings through which a group of people constructs, understands, and interprets its world - Culture should be distinguished from society , which refers generally to groups of actual people rather than symbols and meanings - The different branches of anthropology explore culture in distinct ways, but culture is a central concept for all of them - Cultural relativism - An approach to viewing other cultures that sees them in terms of their own worlds, not that of an outside observer - This is a central operational approach in anthropology - It is important to note that it is a research strategy, however, not a personal
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Unformatted text preview: moral position. Cultural relativism does not absolve anthropologists of the responsibility to consider the moral dimensions of the field situations they encounter.- The opposite of cultural relativism is known as ethnocentrism 2. Issues of method- Cultural anthropology relies heavily on participant observation- Archaeology and physical anthropology employ excavation and material analysis- Physical anthropologists also study relatives and ancestors of contemporary humans- Any of these strategies can involve troubling ethical questions , which must be addressed in formulating research projects Anthropology 100 Lecture Outline...
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intrB02 - methods and ethics - moral position Cultural...

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