2-22-10GuardCellsGraphs - 2 channels 1.6.2 When Ca 2 in the...

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BIOL 13100 Biology II: Development, Structure, and Function of Organisms Nancy Pelaez, Feb 22, 2010, Purdue University, Spring 2010 Freeman (‘08)  Ch 39
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Lecture 17: guard cell functions extracellular fluid pH drops near guard cells exposed to blue  light. 1.1 pH represents a rise in proton concentration due to the proton ATPase  pumping protons out of the cell  1.2 Potassium channels open allowing potassium influx   1.3 Chloride enters by secondary active transport with a transporter that uses  energy from the proton gradient across the membrane 1.4 Water follows the KCl flux and osmosis causes turgor to open stomata guard cells respond to a hormone called abscisic acid (ABA) 1.5 Stomata resistance and ABA content can be measured 1.6 In response to ABA (a ligand for the ABA receptor), changes in cytosolic  Ca 2+  can be measured with a fluorescent calcium indicator called  chameleon: 1.6.1 ABA binds to its receptor and somehow opens Ca
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Unformatted text preview: 2+ channels. 1.6.2 When Ca 2+ in the cytosol increases, the Ca 2+ directly opens Cl- channels. Cl- leaves the cell. 1.6.3 Change in membrane potential opens K + channels and K + leaves the cell. 1.6.4 Water potential increases and water follows the KCl out of the cell by osmosis. 1.6.5 The guard cells shrink and the stoma closes. graphing experimental results 1.7 Experimental evidence involves quantitative variables or categorical variables 1.8 The treatment (independent variable) goes on the x axis of a graph and the response (dependent variable) goes on the y axis. 1.9 The appropriate graph is determined by type of variable. Treatment variables are often categorical. BIOL13100 Assignments – read Chapter 39 – Plant sensory systems FINISH Problem Set 4. Expect a pop quiz on graphing soon! CPR 3 essay can be written this week....
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2-22-10GuardCellsGraphs - 2 channels 1.6.2 When Ca 2 in the...

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