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Writing Workshop: In-class Drafting of Project I: Rhetorical Analysis of a Political Speech Conclusions are—of course—the last thing your readers will encounter in your paper. For this paper, you should reiterate your main point about the speech and relate that back to your main argument about the humanities. Like the introduction, you want to “pack a punch” in this section of the paper so that the reader leaves with a lucid understanding of the purpose and meaningfulness of your work. This should allow you to reflect on the larger question of the purpose and worth of this type of humanistic inquiry (essentially the purpose and worth of what you’re doing!). Now that you have identified your main points and sub-points, you are prepared to start drafting a conclusion. Because conclusions serve such a specific function in a paper, you may find it
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Unformatted text preview: useful to draft this portion in class so you can get immediate feedback. If you are not ready to begin your conclusion, you have another option. You can use this writing workshop to draft the body paragraph(s) that relate to another one of your main points. Begin by setting goals: In this writing workshop, I would like to complete three things. (List them below, and I will come by to monitor your progress and to assist you in any areas that stump you.) 1. I would like to complete the entire paper without having to add information just to take up room 2. I would like to have an outstanding start and end to my paper 3.I would like to be able to write a correct conclusion paragraph because I always start it with in conclusion...
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