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Chemical principles - Binder resin o Polar—solubizes in...

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Chemical principles Polarity—solubility in alcohol Intermolecular forces—H-bonds, LD forces Molecular weight—polymers creating film Colorant o Polar—solubilizes in alcohol Dye o Conjugated structure with single-double repetition Volatile vehicle o Little LD forces, but H-bonds from –OH o Polar attractions to binder, colorant
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Unformatted text preview: Binder resin o Polar—solubizes in alcohol Data and results • That table showing all of the % • Molecular weights o binder resin=40,000-80,000 g/mol creates long film o ethanol=46 g/mol Little LD forces for ethanol • Experiment of wiping off wet vs. dry marker—show significance of volatile vehicle...
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